Led street light JD-G009 Suppliers

Led street light JD-G009
Led street light JD-G009

Led street light JD-G009

1.30W,60W LED street light.Two wattge for choice.

2.CREE XTE led and Inventronic driver.

3.High intensity die-cast Aluminium body.

4.High transparent temper glass reach to 93%.

5.Modular optical lens design. 3 types photo metric for choice.


7.Protection grade: IP54

8.Auto Switch,Surge protector, breather and photocell for choice.

9.Retrofit led street light

Led street light JD-G009 Details
Luminary Name: LED Street Light Lum. Catelog: JD-1032E Test ID: 20150330-2
Lamp Name: 140W Lamp Catelog: Osram-CQAR-MU Test Date: 2015/03/30
Manufacture: Ningbo Golden Classic Lighting Co.,Ltd. Shld.Ang(° ): Test Machine GON-2000
Test Lab: Classic Frequency(Hz): Lamp CCT(K): Ra:
Lum.Size(W*L*H):0.220m*0.310m*0.030m Lum.Area(m2):0.078 Lum.W(kg):
Test System: C, Y Test Step: C=5.0 Y =0.5 Temp.rC): 25 Humidity(%): 50.0
Character Parameter
Lamp Speciality Parameter Luminaire Speciality Parameter
Rated Flux(lm): 14000.000 Luminary Flux(lm): 12947.126 Down Lumens&Percent: 12851.128lm 99.26%
Rated Power(W): Luminary Efficiency: 92.48% Up Lumens&Percent: 95.998lm 0.74%
Rated Voltage(V): Luminary EER(lm/W): 92.479 76° Flash Area(m2):
Tested Power(W): 140.000 Max.Candela(cd): 7434.029 SLI: 0.000
Lamps’ Inside: 1 Max [email protected](° ): C=45.0 y=39.5 IES Classification: Type I
Tested Electrics(V,A,pf):220.0,0.647,0.98 4Half Peak Angle(° ): L=—4.8,R=52.1 Longitudinal Classfct Short
Lamp Size(W*L*H):0.220m*0.310m*0.030m Field Angle(10%Imax) 114.7(° ) Cutoff Classification Cutoff