JD-GD-E1 Suppliers



JD-GD-E1 Details
Product picture Model Power(W) Code Describe
JD-GD-E1 150W 6.3348-0019 JD-GP-E1,Ceiling lamp ,φ240*50mm,RoHS,PANTONE Black C,  Forging and pressing
150W 6.3348-0063 JD-GP-E1,Ceiling lamp φ240*50mm,PANTONE Black C,RoHS
2.3527-0061 JD-GP-E1,Accessories package,80*120mm,RoHS
Model Name Specifications Code Describe
GD-E1 Lens 60° 1.2710-0037 JD-GP-E1,lens,Φ205*10mm,PC,angle60°,RoHS
Smooth 1.2710-0044 JD-GP-E1,lens ,Φ205*10mm,PC, Smooth lens,RoHS
110° 1.2710-0048 JD-GP-E1,lens,Φ205*10mm,PC,110°,RoHS
Aluminum substrate Aluminum substrate 3.107-00079 JD-GP-E1,Aluminum substrate,Φ181*1.5mm,RoHS,3030light source,32P6S,copper thickness35UM,Thermal conductivity1.5
Aluminum substrate 3.107-00235 Φ181*1.5mm,2835light source,16P12S,copper thickness35UM,Thermal conductivity1.5,RoHS
PHILPS power bracket 6.3518-0013 PHILPS power supply bracket for mining and lighting,112*112*39mm,(PHILPS corn stick power),RoHS
  JD-GP-E1 Rings, heat sink outer dimensions

JD-GP-E1 PHILPS power supply heat sink outer dimensions

JD-GP-E1 Outer dimension of bracket mounting

JD-GP-E1 Square power structure external dimensions