Led street light JD-1045A Suppliers

Led street light JD-1045A
Led street light JD-1045A

Led street light JD-1045A

1.30W,60W LED street light.Two wattge for choice.
2.CREE XTE led and Inventronic driver.
3.High intensity die-cast Aluminium body.
4.High transparent temper glass reach to 93%.
5.Modular optical lens design. 3 types photo metric for choice.
6.Tool-free opening and maintaining.
8.Protection grade: IP66.
9.Auto Switch,Surge protector ,breather and photocell for choice.

Led street light JD-1045A Details
Product Code JD-1045A 30W JD-1045B 60W JD-1045 90W JD-1045B
Electric Current (mA) 430mA 467mA 150mA 150mA
LED Quantity 24pcs Cree XTE 48pcs Cree XTE 144pcs 3030 126pcs 3030
Rate Power 30W 60W 90W 100W
Color Temperature 6500/4000/3000K 6500/4000/3000K 6500/4000/3000K 6500/4000/3000K
Luminous Flux 3000lm/6500K 6000lm/6500K 10000lm/6500K 12000lm/6500K
Input Voltage AC100-277V AC100-277V AC100-277V AC100-277V
Frequency Range 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Color Temperature RA75 RA75 RA75 RA75
Temperature of working condition -40℃  -  50℃ -40℃  -  50℃ -40℃  -  50℃ -40℃  -  50℃
humidity of working condition 20%-90% 20%-90% 20%-90% 20%-90%
LED life time 70000h 70000h 70000h 70000h
Protestion Grade IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66
Installation Height 6-8m 7-9m 8-10m 10-12m
Net Weight 7.35kgs 7.82kgs 8.2kgs 8.6kgs
Gross Weight 8.53kgs 9.02kgs 9.4kgs 9.8kgs
Product Size 550*516*138mm 550*516*138mm 550*516*138mm 550*516*138mm
Packing Size 655*590*165mM 655*590*165mM 655*590*165mM 655*590*165mM