Benefits of Integrated Solar LED Street Light for Rural Areas


1. Since the integrated Solar led street light has already integrated high-efficiency solar panel, long life lithium battery (the same type as the driving batteries used for hybrid cars), high luminous efficiency LEDs, intelligent controller, PIR human body sensor module and mounting brackets into one unit, the benefits of integration is easy to install and lightweight. Usually, two workers with a wrench and only five minutes can complete the installation, with no need to use heavy equipment and tools.

2. Integrated solar LED street light has basically the same working principle as the conventional street lamp, the difference is that an integrated solar light has incorporated LED lamp, solar panel, batteries, and controller system (which controls the charge and discharge of batteries). If all parts are integrated into a single light fixture, the lead-acid batteries will be replaced with a lithium battery, which is easy to install and lightweight.

3. The biggest advantage of integrated solar LED street light is to save the expensive installation, construction and commissioning costs, and its transportation cost is usually only 1/5 of the cost of traditional streetlamps, and if exporting to the abroad, it is only 1/10 of the cost of traditional split type streetlamps.

4. Integrated solar LED street light has a long life, as it uses the world's first lithium battery management control technology. Comparing with some light fixtures which use ordinary batteries (2-year life), the after-sale service and parts replacement costs of integrated solar lights can be greatly reduced in the future (typically within 5 years without the necessity to replace the battery or make maintenance). Even after 5 years when in need, due to the unique product design, users only need a few minutes to complete the replacement, without the need for engineers’ guidance and technical support.