Common solar street lights buy misunderstanding


Because of its energy saving and environmental protection, solar streetlamps are favored by the majority of customers, especially new rural construction projects. However, due to the imperfect standards of the state in this respect, there are many different kinds of publicity gimmicks in solar street lamp manufacturers, and consumers often buy Was misled by the name of solar LED street light, just blindly seeking high brightness, shape, low price, ignoring the lighting products, the most important two points: quality and price. As a responsible solar street light manufacturers, the Division combined with many years of production and installation experience concluded that consumers choose solar LED street lighting misunderstanding there are the following points:
Misunderstanding 1, the actual life and data nominal differences
General LED nominal life of up to 100,000 hours MTBF (MTBF) or even longer. However, the solar street light system consists of solar panels, batteries, controllers, light poles, light sources, etc., of which the life of the solar panel is 25 years, the life of the battery is three to five years, and the life of the solar street light controller is Two to five years, so when buying, to determine the configuration of each part.
Misunderstood 2: the price of products.
The price reflects the combination of cost, quality and brand value. It is closely related with the configuration, ultra low-cost solar LED street light products inevitably can not be guaranteed to use, but the ultra-high cost of solar street light system will be out of the use of the configuration or excessively high cost and waste of funds. A reasonable allocation of solar street lights is to buy a very crucial part.
Misunderstanding 3: the blind pursuit of high brightness.
Different occasions have different lighting standards, blind pursuit of high brightness, is a waste, but also may harm people. Therefore, we must first confirm the lighting needs to choose the lamp to meet their own needs.
Misunderstanding 4: Solar street lights nominal power and use of power
Because solar street lights can be intelligently controlled, automatic adjustment of power can be realized according to requirements at different time periods, so the use of the road and the rated power are different.