Garden light cleaning method garden lights daily maintenance matters


1, not on the lights hanging items, such as dry cotton quilt and so on.
2, frequent switching, will greatly reduce its life, so the use of lamps to minimize the switch when the lamps;
3, in use or cleaning found shade tilt, should be corrected to keep beautiful;
4, in adjusting the lampshade, pay attention to avoid the trumpet in the lamp when the light reflected in the shadow;
5, according to the light source parameters provided by the timely replacement of aging lamp, found at both ends of the lamp red, black tube or a shadow, the lamp does not jump, it should promptly replace the lamp, to prevent the ballast Burn and other unsafe phenomena.
1, landscape courtyard lighting is generally more dusty, clean with a wet wipe to wipe can be, the action to maintain the same direction, do not rub back and forth, the intensity should be moderate, especially for chandeliers, wall lamp to be gentle.
2, clean the inside of the lighting, clean the lamp, the first lights, wipe the lamp can be removed separately wipe. If the cleaning on the lamp directly, do not turn the light clockwise to avoid too tight peeling off the lamp cap.
Garden lights daily maintenance
1, to strengthen the training of maintenance personnel: on the one hand the city garden lights and people's lives are closely related to its operation directly affects the image of the party and the government, must be through education to improve maintenance personnel on the maintenance of the garden lights awareness and enhance the sense of responsibility. On the other hand, with the city garden lights to accelerate the progress of science and technology, the extensive use of new technologies, maintenance personnel need to continue to update the professional knowledge to meet the needs of the work.

2, to speed up the maintenance of equipment updates: the expansion of the city, the number of garden lights and service areas increased, so that the workload of maintenance personnel increased, without increasing personnel, we must continue to improve, update maintenance equipment, improve work efficiency.

3, the implementation of the maintenance of the target responsibility system: in the designated garden lamp management on the basis of the layers of the implementation of the maintenance responsibility system implementation of fixed, fixed, set responsibility, to do regular inspection, regular maintenance, where the problem to find who responsibility.

4, to strengthen law enforcement efforts: on the one hand to speed up the development of garden lights management of the normative documents for the management according to the law to create conditions; the other hand, the joint urban management departments to increase the intensity of the court lights, severely punish the destruction of courtyard lamp facilities, The courtyard lamp is in normal operation.