Garden light source introduction.


  Light source is an important part of all lighting products, according to different illumination requirements, to pick different brands, not the same type of light source, commonly used light source: incandescent, energy saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, sodium lamps, metal halide, ceramic gold Halogen lamps, and new LED light source. The characteristics of each light source;
   1. Incandescent lamp; incandescent light refers to the visible photoelectric radiation that occurs by the heat of the atom. Incandescent use of incandescent light principle, so that the current through the vacuum in the tungsten wire, so that tungsten wire heated to incandescent after the announcement of visible light. General incandescent color temperature is 2800K, compared with the natural light color yellowish, look warm. The advantages of incandescent lamp: low cost, easy to use and installation. Suitable for frequent opening, point off on the performance of the lamp and the impact of longevity are very low.
   2.Fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps is a low-pressure mercury vapor arc discharge lamp, generally long tubular, two each have an electrode. The lamp is rich in low-pressure mercury vapor and a small amount of inert gas, the inside and outside the lamp coated with phosphor layer. Fluorescent lamps are divided into straight fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps. Straight tube fluorescent lamps can be divided into preheating according to the launch method, rapid launch and instantaneous launch several, according to the lamp can be divided into T12, T8, T5 several. Compact fluorescent lamp is to replace the power consumption of severe incandescent development, with low energy consumption, long life characteristics. Ordinary incandescent lamp life as long as 1000 hours, compact fluorescent lamp typical life of 8000-10000 hours.
   3. Sodium lamp; also known as high pressure sodium lamp is discharged from the sodium vapor discharge light discharge lamp. Luminous performance is particularly high, long life, good adaptability to the environment, a variety of temperature conditions are able to normal operation.
   4. Metal halide lamp; also known as metal halogen lamp is a high-pressure gas discharge lamp, the fundamental structure is a transparent glass shell and a high temperature quartz glass arc tube, between the shell and the inner tube into the nitrogen or Inert gas, the inner tube filled with inert gas, mercury vapor and metal halide. Metal halide lamp of the basic principle of operation: into the state of operation, the metal halide vapor lax to the arc at the heart of the arc, under the action of high temperature dissipated into metal atoms and halogen atoms, metal atoms to participate in the discharge of visible light, when the metal atoms and halogen When the atoms are lax to the outer wall of the pipe, both are compounded into metal halides.
   5. Ceramic metal halogen lamp; ceramic metal halogen lamp is the use of semi-transparent ceramic as the electric pipe of the metal halide lamp, is the quartz metal halogen lamp and sodium lamp ceramic skills linked together, set the two in a newer Excellent lighting source.
   6.LED; also known as light-emitting diode, referred to as LED, is through the semiconductor diode, the use of electroluminescence principle will be directly into a new light source of visible light. A phenomenon in which a proper substance interacts with an electric field.