High pole light classification


  Generally can be divided into lifting and non-lifting type. Lifting the main pole height is generally 18 meters above the electric lift easy to operate, the lamp rose to the working position, the plate can automatically off, hanging ditch, rope unloading and.

Lifter pole light set manual and electric two kinds of lift control, so that the lamp can be safely and reliably dropped to 2.5 meters from the ground for easy maintenance. Manual remote control device leads to a length of 10 meters, the operator at 5 meters remote control lamp panel movements, so as to ensure the safety of the operator's personal safety. Ascent and descent pole lamp is also equipped with a spare cable, when the lamp down to the lowest position, the cable into the electrical control system at one end of the socket, the other end into the junction box on the lamp panel, so you can power on the lamp panel , Repair lighting.
Lift pole lamp All lamps sealing level IP65 international standards to prevent the infiltration of dust, rain, to ensure the life of the lamp. Lamp materials generally use good corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy plate and stainless steel.

We usually say that the pole lights, in fact, according to the use is vastly different, according to different occasions on the pole lamp classification and name are different. Such as the terminal used, called pier pole lights, square used, called the square pole lights, named port harbor pole lights, airport pole lights, explosion-proof pole lights, stainless steel pole lights and so on. Generally considered more than 15 meters of the street light pole, called the pole light, ranging from 15-40 meters, commonly used is 15 meters, 18 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters, 30 meters of these five kinds of specifications the most common. The other is generally the customer asked to design a specific height, this is what we often say according to the height of the pole lights.