Highlights of pole installation of technical points


Choose a reasonable facade lighting, lighting control area, reduce power consumption. Deal with the illumination, light color, color rendering, three-dimensional, texture, flash, glare restrictions and other indicators. Emphasis on spatial clarity, eliminating unnecessary shadows and controlling the adverse effects of light and UV radiation on people and objects. To create the appropriate brightness distribution and illumination levels, limit glare and reduce irritability. Should be the effective use of natural light, pole requirements: The top of the lift pole lights with lightning rods, rain cover, was 60 degrees pulley block distribution and distribution system was 120 degrees hook. Rain cover to prevent rainwater inside the pole to avoid the lifting pulley and other parts of the rain and rust. Pulley group is used to avoid wire rope, cable slot winding. The design of the hooking system is very reasonable. When the lamp tray is lowered, the lifting system can be operated to automatically flip the hooks to ensure the safe and reliable unloading of the steel wire rope after the lifting movements are completed, thus prolonging the service life of the wire rope.
In the rectangular cavity at the bottom of the lift pole lamp, an elevator system such as a motor is installed in addition to the electrical control system. Electrical control system installed inside the pole, to avoid harsh outdoor environment caused by lifting the movement of the fault. Electrical control system with a variety of circuit overload protection device. The electrical conductors of the circuits in the system are extensively copper-based silver plated to ensure good electrical connection. Lifting down pole lamp lifting system through the motor, (electromagnetic brake) worm gear reducer, safety coupling, the main wire rope, vice rope, split rope and moving pulley and other components driven lamp panel movements. Worm gear reducer self-locking ability, compact transmission, large transmission ratio, in order to reduce the worm gear, worm gear ratio, reducing the rise torque, in particular the increase of a group of moving pulley, the lamp plate lifting speed less than 0.2 m / s . The main wire rope is connected with the auxiliary wire rope of the lamp plate through the splitter to avoid the winding of the auxiliary steel wire caused by the stretching of the main steel wire. The main and secondary wire rope are made of high strength corrosion-resistant 6 * 19 non-rotating galvanized steel wire rope. Lift pulley block are made of hot-dip galvanized A3 steel bracket, stainless steel shaft, copper pulley to ensure that under normal atmospheric conditions, flexible operation. A variety of fasteners washers, clamps and other parts are also used hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel. There are 6 sets of guide pulley on the lamp plate and more than three sets of braking device, the guide wheel is distributed along the surface of the lamp pole during the lifting or lowering process of the lamp plate to ensure that the lamp plate does not generate wobble. Lamp plate guide wheel and lamp surface contact with the working surface of the rubber hot pressing process. In order to fully guarantee the lamp plate to stop automatically when the limit position, the lamp up, down movements are equipped with reliable performance limit switch, and with over-travel protection. Pole lamp panel lift by changing the direction of rotation of the motor to achieve. For security, rectangular cavity with a sealed door, sealed door with a special door lock.
Lift pole lamp All lamps sealing level IP65 international standards to prevent the infiltration of dust, rain, to ensure the life of the lamp. Lamp materials generally use good corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy plate and stainless steel. Light transmission mirror surface with tempered glass. Reflectors are generally pure aluminum plate after the suppression by the electrochemical polishing, with excellent light reflectance. Base bracket angle adjustment, you can set the projection angle to ensure that the lighting in different occasions reasonable configuration, lighting evenly. Lighting start and stop control using manual and automatic two ways, very convenient.
Lifting pole lights are set manual and electric two kinds of lift control, so that the lamp can be safely and reliably dropped 2.5 meters from the ground to facilitate maintenance. Manual remote control device leads to a length of 10 meters, the operator at 5 meters remote control lamp panel movements, so as to ensure the safety of the operator's personal safety.