How to buy LED downlight?


Nowadays, the application of LED downlight is more and more widely, more and more manufacturers are producing, and there is more space to choose from natural. So how to choose a good LED downlight for our consumers has become a new topic . How to buy LED downlight it? We suggest that you consider the following three aspects.

First, the radiator lamps
The quality of heat determines the degree of light decay and life of the entire lamp. Cooling channels poor, large thermal resistance, with the radiator is too small will make the heat accumulation in the light source. Lamp beads work in ultra-high temperature for a long time, light decay quickly, short life expectancy. Shanghai think twice LED downlight using the chip directly to the ceramic surface, no PCB, thus greatly reducing the thermal resistance, heat transfer more direct.

Second, the lamp drive power
The quality of the drive power also determines the life of the entire lamp. In theory, there should be no problem when using lamp for 50,000 hours, but if the drive power is broken, the whole lamp will not light up. The electronic components used in the drive power supply and the circuit design determine the drive power efficiency, ripple factor, power factor, stability, temperature rise value and service life. Think twice LED downlight drivers are wide voltage input, the rated current output, think twice developed LED downlight no screen flash (available smart phone photography test function).

Third, the quality of lamp beads
In addition to the purchase of LED downlight to consider its material and drive power, the focus must also consider the quality of its light beads, lamp beads determine the quality of lighting effects, packaging process impact lamp beads quality, heat and other key factors. Shanghai think twice LED downlight lamp beads using internationally renowned brands, light fades, undead lights.