How to Choose High-Quality Solar Led Street Light


There are many Solar led street light manufacturers. To be honest, the emergence of solar street lights has brought great convenience to people's lives. Since then, life has become much better. From solar water heaters, solar cars to later solar led street light, the application of solar energy not only solves energy problems for human beings but also saves energy and protects the environment. Solar street lights manufacturers use solar energy as a source of energy, so they are loved by people and have a relatively broad space for development. The use of solar streetlights by solar streetlight manufacturers can get rid of the control and restraint of power, avoid power outages, etc., and will not worry about the power supply difficulties caused by low voltage during peak hours. The solar energy light produced by solar led street light manufacturers has many advantages.

With the popularity of solar street lights by solar led street light manufacturers, how to purchase high-quality solar street lights is very important. Many unscrupulous merchants only care about their interests, regardless of the quality of the products. This damages the image of this industry. It is explained by the solar led street light manufacturers. First of all, we must first understand the head of the solar street light manufacturer's solar street light, that is, the LED light head. The thinness and thickness of the outer casing are a factor, and then the inner structure is aluminum. The structure of the substrate, aluminum plate, and constant current source can basically determine the quality of the light head compared to the size and thickness of these things. Then the battery depends on whether the battery is a special battery for energy storage. Now there are many small companies that use the power supply. For the energy storage battery, this greatly damages the life of the solar street light. In the case of looking at the solar street light, whether the light post is hot-dip galvanized and cold-galvanized spray is distinguished in the incision. Remember these points and believe that everyone will not be fooled.

Since it is an option, it is necessary to understand the solar streetlight components of solar led street light manufacturers, and the specific types of components are relatively more. There are main components such as battery panels, solar batteries, solar controllers, and light sources. Therefore, when selecting a solar cell, factors such as the material, color difference, charging current, open circuit voltage, and conversion efficiency of the photovoltaic panel should be considered. When selecting a battery, you should know the specific type, discharge rate, working environment, etc. Of course, when choosing a controller, you should also understand the waterproof performance.

Secondly, of course, when making choices, you should also understand the specific matching situation. Many manufacturers, when the products are produced, the corresponding stability is not so strong, the main reason is that there are corresponding problems in the matching. Solar street light manufacturers' solar street light matching performance is one of the most important indicators, so it is very important to understand the matching performance.