How to install the fixture more firmly


   Street lamp manufacturers in the installation must be based on the actual reasonable analysis, so that the street can be more solid.
The specific construction specifications and requirements: a better soil can be directly tampered; water content, soft rubbery soil, must be replaced and reinforcement, in case of humus can not be used as a base soil, should be replaced; soil dry or Too wet should be appropriate to add water or dried in order to achieve the best moisture content is appropriate; earth excavation, the whole line along the ditch set up safety warning lights to prevent falls and other accidents.
Sand cushion laying by 100 thick, using ramming machine for compaction, the width of not less than the design width.
The use of artificial excavation, the depth of the top of the sidewalk height of 1.2 meters below the width of 0.8 meters, the use of street lamp manufacturers customized special steel cage and chassis base, artificial leveling fixed, the use of C30 concrete original groove pouring.