In the era of the construction of China's general-speed railways


In the era of the construction of China's general-speed railways, the lighting conditions along the railway are extremely limited. Trains tunneling through mountains and tunnels mostly rely on the headlights of the front lights. Even experienced “old drivers” must be calm and alert. With the continuous extension of high-speed railway lines in China, the safety requirements for the construction along the line and the vehicles themselves have naturally risen.

Taking Chenggui High-speed Railway under construction as an example, tunnel lighting projects are installed in tunnels larger than 500 meters. In addition, the tunnel lighting is much more complicated than the ordinary lighting. Led tunnel light In addition to the installation of conventional lighting fixtures in the tunnel, the new high-speed railway is also matched with the tunnel lighting monitoring system. The role of this monitoring system can not be underestimated. Once the train fails in the tunnel, repair personnel can find a manual control point within a range of no more than 30 meters in the tunnel to illuminate the tunnel emergency lighting fixtures, while the system The location of the fault point will also be displayed for timely processing. Of course, this has also greatly improved the working environment and improved the safety and security of work for other periods of time other than failure, such as maintenance, inspection, and construction.

In addition, if the tunnel length is greater than 3000 meters, a disaster prevention and rescue project such as an escape channel will be built in the tunnel, and the evacuation lights in the tunnel line will also show the distance of the nearest rescue channel, making it convenient for the on-board personnel to judge the position in time. Escape in time. In particular, if a train fires in a tunnel, the detection unit detects the disaster, and the disaster emergency lighting system such as tunnel emergency lighting, wind turbines, and protective doors will automatically start. At the same time, the disaster situation will be uploaded to the rescue equipment monitoring system. The rescue force can be the first time. Go to the scene.

Not just tunnel lighting, the headlights of trains now have "high-tech".

Jiang Xugang, workshop technician at Chengdu Dongju workshop, told reporters that in the past,Led high bay the headlights on the Speed ​​Rail used a xenon headlamp with only one pair. This kind of lamp has strong divergence and penetrability, and it has a very good effect in heavy fog weather, but the irradiation distance is not far enough, usually about 80-100 meters. Once it is over, it will not be clear. If the front sight of the lighted objects, there will be a strong reflection, seriously affecting the driver's normal look, but also produce visual fatigue. Farther away, it also gives the driver a broader view.