Independent Innovation And Orderly Development of Led Public Lighting


Led Public lighting resources are in the hands of the government, which is conducive to the government to quickly launch marketing. At the same time, the implementation plan also proposes to use Led public lighting as a demonstration to promote the promotion of non-public lighting through the guidance of comprehensive Led public lighting social demonstration projects such as indoor lighting and the promotion of related supporting policies, and advocate and promote the promotion of LED public in the whole society. Lighting Products.

The development of Led public lighting industry, the market application is the most critical. As the conference on the promotion and application of Led public lighting products in, further promotion of the application of Led public lighting products is conducive to promoting urban energy conservation and emission reduction, facilitating the development of emerging industries through market promotion, and facilitating the adoption of access standards. The establishment of the Led public lighting industry to promote independent innovation and orderly development is conducive to the transformation of economic development mode through the innovation of business models.

As an emerging industry, how should the Led public lighting industry develop? There is no precedent in China. Now that Led public lighting is in the market cultivation period, it is necessary for the government to participate in promotion. In developed countries, there is a “government first purchase policy” that encourages independent innovation and development. Newly developed strategic emerging products, when the price is high and the quality is unstable, the government must be the first buyer.