Installation requirements for LED street lamps:


1.Double arm LED street lamp installation requirements: in the motor vehicle above the installation of street lamps, the distance from the ground is not less than 11.5 meters, the sidewalk lights above 8.5 meters from the ground, the two sides cross arranged, the distance is 50 meters. The power of an express road light source uses 120WLED street lamps, sidewalks, street light sources and 80WLED street lights. On the road with 12 meters high pole, cantilever has singled out double, 400W high pressure sodium lamp.
2.The lamp pole material adopts high quality Q235A steel (the silicon content of steel is not higher than 0.04%), bending forming conical rod, forming once, the lamp post is made of thick 4mm steel plate, the thickness of the lamp post does not include the thickness of the galvanized layer. The main rod shape with cone type, small end diameter is about 85mm, the big diameter is about 200mm. The rod is made of diameter 60mm steel tube, the outer length of the motor vehicle is 1.6 meters, the sidewalk is 1.2 meters, and the wall thickness is 3mm.
3. The light pole surface is smooth, must not have any crack, the leakage welding, the continuous air hole, the undercut, the inequality. The straight line error of the center line of the lamp pole is not more than 0.02% of the length of the rod, and the appearance of the rod body is not rugged and has no trace, and the appearance of the lamp pole has no obvious defect.
4. The welding way of the lamp post is automatic arc welding, and the ultrasonic flaw detection is up to the standard of welding GBl1345 ii. The connecting way of the lamp post is made by nailing and top fixing.
5.The lamp rod surface by hot galvanized annealing furnace, zinc layer is not less than 75 microns, practical surface smooth, basically the same color, hammer test after peeling, no peeling, galvanized the life of not less than 20 years.
6. Need to paint the poles, colors and brands according to the requirements of the operation, the surface smooth and smooth, plastic layer of stable quality, do not fade, do not fall off, strong adhesion, strong anti-UV, life should not be less than 20 years, thickness ≥ 80um, ASTMD339-83 standard.