Introduction to Urban Public Lighting Intelligent Energy-saving System


First, the public lighting intelligent energy-saving system is constructed by three major sectors

The public lighting intelligent control system is supported by the core technology of single point multi-control, frequency conversion power reduction, and intelligent remote control. It builds an organic system consisting of energy-saving integrated lamps, intelligent lighting switches, intelligent terminal control modules, and intelligent lighting management software.

1. Energy-saving integrated lamps: Install “inverter ballasts”, directional lighting reflectors and HID light sources on existing street lighting equipment to realize inverter control and upgrade of lamps. The product adopts Apollo's electrical design principle and energy-saving material-saving variable frequency power inductor ballast, which greatly reduces the reactive power generated by the “inductive ballast”, combined with the reasonable configuration of the reflector and the efficient HID light source. Power factor, saving a lot of power, and can also set the energy saving ratio according to the needs of users, and truly realize energy-efficient lighting.

2. Intelligent lighting switch and intelligent terminal controller: ARM core design, embedded software programming, multi-loop power collection and metering, multi-channel switch I / O single point multi-control technology, install intelligent within a certain number of streetlights Lighting switch, install intelligent terminal control module on each street lamp.

3. Intelligent lighting management software: Install the management software of the Chinese-wide graphical operation interface in the intelligent remote control center, adopt Chinese Windows platform, C/S/B/S architecture, an electronic map and database design.