LED lighting new benchmark



LED lamps in accordance with the use of different can be divided into indoor and outdoor lights two categories, and the eyes of the public LED lamps are generally household lights, but in fact    LED outdoor lighting, such as LED lights in the entire lighting market has been able to occupy half of the country. And because of intelligent lighting can be more to meet people on the LED road lighting environment and quality of the pursuit and control, become the most popular lighting of the new benchmark.
The traditional LED street lamp control is the adjustment of the light through the switch, not only the consumption of a certain amount of manpower will not be able to fully monitor the failure caused by the occurrence of traffic accidents, and intelligent system is based on the terminal module instructions, the signal will be passed to the control Center software, with the controller to adjust the circuit voltage and current amplitude, in order to achieve the LED lights of the remote single or multi-lamp switch, dimming, monitoring and other control. LED lights installed with intelligent control system can carry more functions, each installed with intelligent control system lights are able to achieve accurate geographical location, remote control, operation status tracking and other functions, so that road traffic monitoring, road public Facilities management, to enhance the city's public management, security and emergency response capabilities.
With the current LED lights intelligent lighting control market penetration continues to increase, LED lights intelligent lighting control systems and solutions is the current focus on many industries and enterprises focus. Platinum wins research and development for the LED lights intelligent lighting control system by the lighting node controller and intelligent gateway (centralized controller), energy-saving monitoring platform, control LED lights on and off, dimming, color and other functions, the system platform .Not only can achieve the intelligent control and regulation of lighting, as well as positioning, alarm function, more able to collect all kinds of data, through the LED lights centralized controller and node controller with, do a combination of data transmission; To the on-demand regulation, real-time monitoring, and thus more humane, scientific and intelligent. The energy-saving monitoring platform is responsible for the operation and management of the entire system. The perfect combination of the entire system integration, so that your LED lights control more arbitrary.