LED street lamp heat treatment


   All of the current LED street lamp products in the design of the heat-dissipating processor can be roughly summarized as an aluminum extruded heat-sink processor, a fin-type heat-sink processor and a heat-sink combined heat-sink processor, and most of the aluminum-extruded heat sink processors are The advantage of this method is that the cost of the heat-dissipating processor can be relatively low, and in particular, the development cost of the die is relatively competitive. However, in the research and development of high-wattage products, the weight is a must pay attention to Of the factors, because the public light pole in the stress on the bear there will be some restrictions, and therefore in the high wattage products, are generally used to deal with finned radiator, or the use of heat pipe to design Heat treatment device.
Second, LED lights in the product development is an important technical threshold is the ability of optical design, because of the good light distribution characteristics of lamps, LED lights can make an effective distribution of light evenly on the surface of the road according to the current Taiwan's NS15233 standards, only For street lights at a vertical angle of 80 degrees and 90 degrees, less than 30 and 10 requirements of the glare quality. In addition, the level of 65 to 95 degrees, also need to have a greater than the specified brightness requirements, the remaining lighting technology, look at the optical design capabilities of various products, because some projects require road surface illumination level restrictions , Then a good optical design, will be able to make the LED light output slightly worse LED lighting products, the actual level of illumination in the road surface is better.
    Therefore, no problem in the quality and reliability of the situation, the LED lighting competition to see the rest of the soft lighting performance, the current LED street light products, most of them are used by the German manufacturer OSRAM for the street light products wide-angle dual-angle With light design, but in the light distribution design, all manufacturers still have their own know-how, and not necessarily all received, still can continue to make the road lighting products more efficient lighting.