LED street lamp purchase points


     How to choose a suitable cost-effective LED lamp is a lot of people know what to do, how to buy an array of LED lighting their favorite products?
A: The chip and other components must choose well-known brand keys
Chip is the core components of LED lights, whether street or solar street lights, LED high bay lights, garden lights, tunnel lights, they are the chip determines the product's energy saving performance and life expectancy.       Second: scientific product design and advanced production technology
Whether it is street lamps, mining lamp or indoor bulb, etc. after a period of time will appear after the brightness of the phenomenon of diminishing, the terminology called light fades. The emergence of light failure, in addition to chip quality, but also with the cooling design of the lamp, the overall packaging process are closely related. Scientific design, precise light distribution LED light to effectively reduce the light failure.
Three: control light pollution, emphasis on light and healthy
After a long time of light many people suffer from light fatigue syndrome, dry eyes, soreness, dizziness, headache and other physical discomfort, such as. Although LED lamps are absolutely mercury-free light sources, they not only reduce the pollution to the environment, but also avoid stroboscopic problems and are therefore healthier.