LED street light is generally an ordinary street light transformation


LED street light is generally an ordinary street light transformation, is the city circuit lamp, 220V voltage. Solar street light is generally used for photovoltaic power generation is 12V, 24V low voltage voltage, the lamp used for the LED street lamp holder for lighting.Led street light Nowadays, municipal roads are generally installed with LED streetlights to save electricity for lighting use and achieve energy saving. However, the cost of solar streetlights for city-level road reconstruction is higher, so now it is generally only used for rural lighting, and it is not easy to be wired in remote areas.

Solar street lights are lights that use sunlight to generate electricity instead of using alternating current.
The principle is: the sun shines on the solar panel, usually converts the light into electricity, and then provides the main current for the luminaire. At present, due to the low conversion rate, the general solar luminaire can be lit for a short period of time, usually with a relatively low power LED light source. As a light bulb (several W, more than ten W, up to fifty W or more, basically you can rarely shine for a long time). The advantage is that using solar energy, saving electricity, and environmental protection

LED street lights refer to street lamps that use LEDs as light sources. At present, China is the most professional in the industry. It has been used on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen highway. However, due to the penetrating nature of street lamps, long life must be strictly required. The LED light source, although known as the life of 100,000 hours, but its driver is usually useless for a year or two. In fact, the overall lifespan of LED light sources can be good for more than a year or two. The so-called LED energy saving is not ideal data obtained under experimental conditions. The premise of life of 100,000 hours is that the LED power supply and driver have been used normally. And no matter what brand of LED, light failure can not be avoided, after two years to maintain the original brightness of 80% if not bad.
The advantage is the small size, which provides more choices of light sources for the manufacturers of lamps and lanterns. The color of the light is more diversified. After solving the current and driving problems in the future, price issues are expected to spread. It is an effective light source for energy saving.