Light pole analysis


1, The material selection of high-quality low-carbon steel, steel silicon content of not more than 0.04% by a large bending machine bending, straightness error of not more than 0.05%, light wind resistance by 36.9 m / s Eleven above design, anti-seismic intensity of 8.
2, The total height of the rod X meters, the diameter on the Xmm, under the diameter of Xmm, wall thickness Xmm. Flange with a flange at the bottom of the pole, flange mounting holes for? X, through the anchor bolts installed on the basis. (X is the user-set parameters, or by the company according to the conventional configuration)
3, The light pole welding method for automatic submerged arc welding, reliable welding, smooth surface, no obvious pores, welding, undercuts and other welding defects, ultrasonic testing, up to welding GBl1345 Ⅱ level standards.
4, Anti-corrosion treatment of steel using internal and external hot-dip galvanizing, galvanizing process after pickling, hot-dip galvanizing, washing, phosphating, passivation and other processes, galvanized surface smooth and beautiful, luster consistent, Zinc, zinc and other defects exist, zinc layer thickness of 86um or more, in line with national standards GB / T13912-92, galvanized layer adhesion in line with GB2694-88 requirements, anti-corrosion life of more than 30 years.
5, After galvanized galvanized lamp pole electrostatic spray (color can be selected), spray before scrub to increase adhesion, spray process strictly control the curing time and temperature, to ensure that the plastic layer is smooth, non-porous. Spray layer thickness ≧ 1Ooum, adhesion GB9286-880 level, smooth surface, hardness ≧ 2H.