Lighting show strong demand, LED industry bottomed rebound


LED lighting permeability increasing, lighting market expands rapidly
Benefit lighting market overall growth and white ban LED lighting permeability after unceasing enhancement, domestic LED lighting market scale growth rapidly, three main lighting enterprises operating income and net profit growth in the quarterly results. The horizon lighting enterprise brand strategy.
Small spacing according to usher in rapid development
2015 lights, prices fell after the LED display price down, its display effect replace DLP trend obvious advantage of LED display, according to enterprise performance of high-speed growth.
Chip sprawl over, scale effect is remarkable
MOCVD buyers subsidies to cancel the number will remain stable over the next two years. Downstream lighting display with increasing demand, especially small spacing display alarming demand for lamp bead, industry supply and demand change.
Middle encapsulation benefit industry, new technology new blue ocean
Improve the same industry supply and demand helps middle packaging industry, especially the RGB small spacing packaging companies. Scale enterprises more benefit from the improvement of the lamp bead and upgrading of industry concentration. Uv ir LED new technology open a new market, related enterprise profitability of technical barriers to greatly improved.

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