Overview of lamppost


The street lamp rod called "lamp", used to support the carrier of street lamps installed, different lamps corresponding to the lamp rod is not the same, with the requirements of modern life style design is becoming more and more beautiful, richer variety. Streetlight are all designed and manufactured, the material is also different, generally explain below.
Material classification
1. iron pole
At present, many domestic lamp poles are made of iron light poles. After processing and shaping, the surface is painted and treated. The use cycle is about three or five years, and the latter is changed periodically according to the influence of the environment.
2. stainless steel lamp post
The use of stainless steel materials, service life is more than 3 times the iron pole (usually), the surface of the lamp pole is hot-dip galvanized, the production cost is relatively high, mainly used in parks, scenic spots, courtyards and other venues.
3. aluminum alloy lamp post
The use of aluminum alloy processing molding, weight relative to the previous two to light, high strength, the surface of the protective film makes its line corrosion resistance is very good, more suitable for a long time in outdoor and other harsh environment. Because of the high cost, they are generally exported to countries with good economic conditions, such as Europe and the United states.