Solar LED street lamp small knowledge


Now LED lighting products are becoming more and more widely used. LED street lamps, solar street lamps and LED indoor and outdoor lighting gradually enter the market. As the fifth generation light source instead of the original lighting products, it is the trend of the times. Next, this paper will introduce what components are made of LED, what is the workmanship and what the structure is?
LED lamp is mainly composed of a bracket, wire, chip, phosphor, glue and other five parts
Support: support is also called the cup, the main role is to install the LED chip.
Wire: a wire connecting a chip and a conductive pin at both ends. The wire is required to use 0.999 pure gold wire as required. It can also be made with copper - doped alloy lines, with lower prices and poor quality.
Chip: the core device is used to light the lamp.
Glue: generally refers to the silicone resin beads: package thermal performance is good, but the light is smaller, wire connection chip easily broken, high price.
Phosphor: used to adjust the quality of light.