Solar street lamp system composition and working principle


Solar led street lamp system generally consists of the following subsystems: solar modules, circuit modules, solar street light controller module, Zigbee communication module, battery pack, LED street light source.
The basic principle of intelligent solar street lighting system: daytime solar panels to receive sunlight, the light energy into electricity and intelligent solar street light controller under the control of the battery system through the charging system, night battery according to the intelligent solar street light controller The instructions provide power to the LED lights. The solar controller in this process is the core component. It is the real-time control of voltage rise and fall, battery voltage, battery charge and discharge, temperature, LED street lamp group, and battery voltage. The data is fed back by analog switch PIC realizes the intelligent control of the street lamp system. Zigbee module is a key technology of street lamp system, its main function is to provide reliable technical support for the networking of street lamp system.