Street lighting


1, Lamp body, lamp cover made of aluminum alloy die-casting, the surface by electrostatic spray processing, light weight and corrosion-resistant structure. Anti-corrosion properties of the lamp housing Ⅱ level; protection class IP65; anti-shock level Ⅰ. In line with "Lighting Safety Requirements and Tests" (GB7000.1-7000.6) requirements.
2, The reflector is made of high purity aluminum, with anodized electrochemical polishing, which has the characteristics of stable optical performance and high reflectivity.
3, Through the use of curved surface of high-strength tempered glass, high temperature above 200 ℃, high transmittance, impact resistance.
4, Reflector, tempered glass cover and lamp holder with sealant glue into one, the composition of the bubble structure, with good sealing performance, sealing ring high temperature above 250 ℃, the sealing degree of IP66.