The cause of the failure of the courtyard lamp


   1, the construction of poor quality garden lights
   Because the quality of construction caused by the larger proportion of failure. Main performance: First, the depth of the cable trench is not enough, sand cover brick is not according to the standard construction; Second, the production and installation of the aisle pipe does not meet the requirements, both ends are not made according to the standard cough; On the ground dragged; four is the basis of the buried pipe does not follow the standard requirements of the construction, mainly buried tube too fine, plus a certain degree of bending, wearing a cable when very difficult at the bottom of the base "dead" situation; Is the nose nose crimping and insulation wrapped thickness is not enough, after a long period of time will be short-term operation.
   2, material, but off
   In recent years, the failure to deal with the situation, the material quality is also a great low. The main performance is: wire less aluminum, wire is relatively hard, thin insulation layer. This situation is more common in recent years.
   3, supporting the quality of the project, but hard
   The courtyard light cable is generally laid on the sidewalk. Sidewalk construction quality is poor, the ground sink, so that cable deformation, resulting in cable armor. Especially in the northeastern region in the alpine zone, the arrival of winter, so that the cable and the formation of a whole body, the ground once the settlement, it will be in the bottom of the basement of the basement was injured, and to the summer rain for a long time,
   4, the design is unreasonable
   On the one hand is overloaded. With the continuous development of urban construction, garden lights continue to extend, when the new courtyard lights are often away from which garden lights near, which received the loop, coupled with the development of advertising in recent years, the development of advertising are also connected in the courtyard On the other hand is the light pole design only consider the light pole of their own situation, ignore the cable head of the space, the cable is too large, the cable overheating, wire nose overheating, insulation reduction, ground short circuit and so on; After the cable head wrapped around, most of the doors are not closed, and sometimes the cable length is not enough, the connector does not meet the requirements, which is caused by failure factors.