The luminous efficiency of LED lamps


The luminous efficiency of LED lamps is generally more than 1 times that of equivalent fluorescent lamps and gas discharge lamps. Therefore, the power is guaranteed. LED lights are now basically 10W hours without fault guarantee, life is longer than high-pressure sodium lamps, saving manpower and resources. The light emitted by the LED lamp is in the full spectrum range, while the high pressure sodium lamp is not Led tunnel light full spectrum, so in the tunnel lighting, the LED light can make the driver see the color more abundant and clearer. Moreover, the LED lamp can use different lamp head combination directions, and it is easy to manufacture a lamp with a certain illumination angle requirement, and the high pressure sodium lamp can only be achieved by using a mirror light path component such as a mirror, and the efficiency is also reduced to some extent.

In terms of function, LED lights are better than high-pressure sodium lamps, but the cost of construction, local power supply settings and other aspects of the problem, if you can use LED lights, personal recommendations are best used, after all, is the trend and trend, high pressure sodium lamps Because it belongs to the gas discharge lamp, it will be eliminated sooner or later in the field of lighting.

The 100W LED tunnel light can't be said to replace the 200W high-pressure sodium lamp. The key depends on whether the original 200W high-pressure sodium configuration is too high. The advantage of the sodium lamp is that it has strong fog permeability,Led high bay  and the disadvantage is that the color rendering property is poor; the LED tunnel lamp has the advantages of low energy consumption and high color rendering index. If the distance between the lamps is not too large, it can be replaced, but the luminous flux of the light source is reduced. This requires the power of the lamp to be selected with reference to the relevant requirements of tunnel lighting. It is recommended to choose about 150 watts of LED tunnel lights, and the luminous flux should not be much different from the original.