The Reason Why Solar Led Street Light Is Becoming More And More Popular


Solar led street light is becoming more popular as green alternatives are becoming a sustainable option. Solar LED street light offers better cost value, optimal lighting and renewable energy, lower maintenance and easier installation. With all these factors accumulating, solar LED street light can be the best alternative for most applications. One of the biggest changes that have occurred now is the cost of solar panels, and the efficiency rating of batteries is increasing.

The solar LED street light consists of a solar panel assembly mounted on the top of the pole and mounted in a south facing position with no shadows. The solar system is connected to a battery pack located directly below or behind the solar panel assembly or can be remotely mounted below the pole for maintenance in the lockbox.

Solar panels charge the battery during the day to provide the energy needed to operate the solar light at night. This is designed by your solar lighting specialist and takes into account many factors including installation location, winter weather conditions, local wind load requirements, and system operation. All of these factors must be calculated together to ensure that the system is reliably running for the end user.