Why can Led lights be widely welcomed by people?


Because they have the following advantages:
1, LED street lamp design is the use of the two optical design form, we will led street light irradiation to the need of lighting area, can make the light efficiency is higher, so in many places are willing to choose to use LED street lamps.
2, LED street light is very small, long service life, LED street after 10 years it still has very high use value, they are in the course of a year in the light use constant is less than 3%.
3, LED street light emitting diode is a low voltage device, the voltage is safe, especially use it in public places.
4, LED street lights use a long period of time, it can use more than 50 thousand hours.
5. The light source of LED street lamp belongs to one way, and it will not appear diffuse reflection. It can ensure the efficiency of lighting.