Street lighting structure


Light pole: Material Q235 steel; anti-corrosion hot-dip zinc treatment;
Light pole connection: docking;
Light pole design: wind pressure 0.64kpa.
Lamp plate: Material Q235 hot-dip galvanized steel frame; lighting range up to 4000-6000M.
Lamps: Lamps equipped with aluminum die-casting shell, tempered glass translucent cover, protection class IP65;
Light source: The use of long life, high efficiency, low-energy high-pressure sodium lamp.
Lifting mechanism: Lifts installed in the light pole, the lifting speed of 2.5 m / min -5 m / min; mechanical limiter device recorded torque protection device, the machine no-load tide, the power can be used when the hand-lift.
Electrical control: electrical box placed in the pole light door, lifting operation by the button box 5 meters away from the poles wired control; can be designed space-time or light control, to achieve full-load lighting and part of the lighting.